Cruise Missile Reviews

If you're an owner of one of the WindTech Cruise Missiles, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the board. Please add your comments in the blog form below and we'll post them on our Product Reviews page. 

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  • Peter Hands

    Have my 7.8 race sail back, so time at last for a CM day on Lake Illawarra – to see if I remember how to fin after so much foil
    Another Windtech classic!
    Easy, slick, push with absolute confidence, high fun, low fatigue – big gusts? more please – chop? what chop?
    A blast getting the balance right so it flies on the narrow tail
    Needs a bit more power than the 72 wide, less than the 57, exactly as you would expect
    Will be my go to Primbee board with WT Stealth 20

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