Small Wireless GPS logger

Just received some of the long awaited small wireless GPS loggers from Having distributed them to some of the local WA speedsters from the Pinnaroos GPS Team Challenge it will be good to see how they perform over coming months.

First impressions are favourable with very simple operation and easy to use web interface provided by the developer. Quick summary:

- Fully sealed unit that can be worn on arm (arm band provided)

- Single LED (to show battery level, On/Off, Wireless mode)

- Single button (3 sec press for on/off, 2 quick presses to activate wireless mode)

- Fast wireless charging unit provided

- Battery life up to 7 hours

After a session, downloading the data is very straightforward. Turn on the logger and activate wireless mode (2 quick button presses). The logger will show up in wireless networks on your laptop/workstation. Connect and then open a web browser where you enter an IP address that launches the web interface to download your session and check battery levels etc. 

Interested in hearing any feedback/comments from those who have the new loggers (e.g. actual battery life, accuracy compared to other units on the market).

Initial review from Pacey "Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Motion Logger. I haven’t had a chance to take it out sailing yet but did some test logs to check out the workflow, and everything worked perfectly. The user interface is simple once you remember a few key press sequences and the wifi connection and web interface worked flawlessly. A very cool device."



  • Tony Smith

    Have had the logger for a couple of months and used it for probably 4 sessions and it’s just died on me – it will not boot no matter how long I charge the unit. I have contacted the sales team via their website a week ago and nothing.

    Initially it was great and connectivity to computer was easy as, but not so happy at the moment

  • Ken Ito

    I got my Motion GPS device and am very pleased with its accuracy. I compared the motion results with my GW60 after a windfoil session. The results are very similar as seen below. The wireless charging and uploading data is a great feature too.

    Motion GPS results

    2 Second Peak (kts): 21.635
    5×10 Average (kts): 20.639
    Top 5 5×10 speeds: (1) 21.076
    Top 5 5×10 speeds: (2) 20.918
    Top 5 5×10 speeds: (3) 20.585
    Top 5 5×10 speeds: (4) 20.346
    Top 5 5×10 speeds: (5) 20.271
    1 Hr (kts): 12.328
    Alpha 500 (kts): 16.746
    Nautical Mile (kts): 18.169
    100m peak (kts): 21.139
    Total Distance (km): 29.226

    GW60 results

    2 Second Peak (kts): 21.621
    5×10 Average (kts): 20.675
    Top 5 5×10 speeds: (1) 21.051
    Top 5 5×10 speeds: (2) 20.916
    Top 5 5×10 speeds: (3) 20.655
    Top 5 5×10 speeds: (4) 20.386
    Top 5 5×10 speeds: (5) 20.368
    1 Hr (kts): 12.344
    Alpha 500 (kts): 16.769
    Nautical Mile (kts): 18.198
    100m peak (kts): 21.099
    Total Distance (km): 29.273

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