Silver Bullet Range

The WindTech Silver Bullet range of boards are unique in that they do not fit neatly into any of the traditional categories. These boards incorporate a wide variety of design concepts that make them stand apart from many other boards on the market today.

Design criteria that Neil Scheltema had in mind for this range includes:

- ability to rocket up wind
- full rails for a dry ride
- extremely wide wind range
- enough volume to get you out of trouble
- capable of impressive speeds without feeling like you're "on the edge"
- plenty of nose rocker to handle rough ocean conditions and chop
- adjustable tail plate to allow board tuning in a variety of conditions
- versatile in both flat water and ocean conditions
- comfortable, fun and a joy to ride

The Silver Bullets are available in three different sizes to suit a broad range of conditions and riding styles: 57, 64 and 72cm wide.

Construction: PVC foam sandwich method using 100 kg density foam and the highest quality pre-preg carbon fibre and fibreglass material.

Read the full specifications on the individual product pages below.