Cruise Missile - Reviews

Some early comments based on photos of the first production board ....

"The design is elegant yet with modern aspects intertwined. This thing will rock!!"
by AE, Port Macquarie NSW

"That board looks even meaner than I expected. Looks like a hell of a weapon. Looking fwd to hearing how she goes in production form."
by AE, Port Macquarie NSW

"The proto was incredible maxed-out off the wind in chop - crazy quick and super controllable 

How good does this first production board look !!
Like all the other Windtechs I'll bet the construction is first class."
by JJ, Perth WA

"It's basically a big speed board, very fast and comfortable in a wide range of wind and water conditions. Will operate with a relatively small fin and still go upwind well due to its long rail length."
by AM, Perth WA


Reviews submitted by new owners.....

Some early feedback from a local WA sailor (AM aka "Pacey") 

"The board is a winner, fast, controllable, gybes unbelievably, goes deep off the wind well, goes upwind well even with a 20cm delta fin."

When asked about first impressions...
"Yep, very pleased, great all round board. Best thing is the gybing, in flat water it's like it's on a rail."

and a bit later after a session today at Liptons (Peel Inlet)....
"Good sail. Went out overpowered with a 7.0 in 20+ knots, but no control issues at all, even with a short fin going through big chop in the Lipton's channel. It takes me a while to get my confidence with new boards and fins as I never fully trust them until I work out how much I can push them, but this felt good, particularly pulling away either in chop or on a speed run in a big gust."

" First sail on the cruise missile today, went out overpowered with a 7.0m Mach2 in 20+knots of wind at Liptons. Board was excellent, nice and fast, able to sail fairly deep downwind in chop without feeling sketchy. Went upwind well, despite only having a 20cm Lockwood Delta on.

Best thing was the gybing, it's amazing. In over 40 years of windsurfing I've only had one other board that gybed like this, like it was on a rail in the water. I've been wanting to get that feel back, and this board has it. In flat water you go into the gybe as fast as you like, lean in hard and it bites in and carves around like a carving turn on snow skis. It felt great."
by AM, Perth WA


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Cruise Missile, Perth WA