Cruise Missile Setup

All new Cruise Missiles are shipped with a set of WindTech footstraps and a kit for the recessed storage area. Please follow the guidelines below for setup.

Cruise Missile by WindTech

Recessed Storage Area

Step 1: Align the eight webbing pieces over the holes surrounding the recessed area forward of the mast track.

Step 2: Place a washer over each piece of webbing and align over each screw hole.

Step 3: Insert a screw through each washer and partially screw into each hole.

Step 4: Thread the black cord through the webbing in the pattern provided below.

Recess Setup

Step 5: Tension the cord as required and tie a knot in each end to secure. Trim off any excess with a heat knife (or similar) to prevent fraying.

Step 6: Tighten each screw until washer is firmly holding the webbing in place.


Standard placement is the middle holes for both front and back footstrap positions. This is a guide only and strap positions should be adjusted to suit your particular riding style/stance when sailing.

Mast Track

As a general guideline, set the mast base in the centre of the mast track when using pointer/slalom fins. For weed or low aspect, highly raked fins, move the mast base about 1cm back from centre.