Frequently Asked Questions

Active Trim Technology (ATT)

The ATT is provided on the Silver Bullet and Magic Bullet range of boards. This technology allows the rider to adjust the tail flex to suit their riding style and ensure maximum comfort and control during a session. Below are some useful tips when using the ATT. Watch Video

It is best to experiment with the tail flex under different conditions. You will soon get to know what works best for you and your particular riding style. Generally speaking, set the tail plate to full flex if the conditions are quite rough/big swell/choppy and apply less flex in calmer/flatter conditions.

For more information and videos about the ATT, please see the Innovation page.

Yes. WindTech carries stock of spare ATT plates and screws so they can be replaced on request.

Fin Selection for Silver Bullets

The choice of fin is an important factor for getting the most out of any windsurfing board. The Silver Bullet range is no different and you will be surprised by the capabilities of these boards when running smaller fins than you would normally choose. 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no exact formula or science for selecting the correct fin size/type to suit a particular board. There are plenty of fancy spreadsheets and formulas on the web but you need to exercise a bit of caution if you use them.

Factors that affect fin choice include but are not limited to the following:

- Rider weight & stance
- Board dimensions and plan shape
- Sail size & boom height
- Sea state (rough / flat / choppy)
- Footstrap position on board
- Mast track position

The unique WindTech plan shape and continuous rocker lines of the Silver Bullet range allows you to use a smaller fin than you would expect.

General guidelines for Silver Bullet fin size selection are available on the product pages. If in doubt, please contact us for assistance and we'll be happy to help you make the best fin choice.

Magic Bullet Fin Setup

The side fins on the Magic Bullets can be removed if you want more of a single fin experience. Feedback from Magic Bullet owners suggest that leaving the side "Bonzer" fins on gives the best overall riding experience.

There is no need to plug the fin boxes if removing the side fins. It won't have any noticeable effect on performance.

Shipping policy

Weights are calculated at checkout and applicable freight charges are applied upon order confirmation. See below for other commonly asked questions about shipping or read the full WindTech shipping policy at checkout.

We ship WindTech products Australia wide and to many International destinations. Freight charges for overseas orders are determined on a case-by-case basis (by weight and volume).

For Australian customers, smaller orders (<5kg) generally take between 2-5 business days. Boards may sometimes take a little longer depending on the selected freight company.

Returns and exchanges

We take pride in the production process of all our boards and accessories and ensure every effort is made to ship high quality and robustly made and packaged items. If you do ever need to return an item, we have a full returns policy at checkout.

Shipping of damaged or defective items should be sent directly back to WindTech Windsurfing in Perth, Western Australia. Full details are available in our Returns policy at checkout.