Magic Bullet 85 - Reviews


"With full tail-flex the handling was transformed, the chop felt half as big - the difference was amazing. Could head downwind at full speed in full control and really enjoy the much smoother ride."

Submitted by John Johnson. Read full review here 

"The board is as fast as pretty much any other board out there. Jumps on the plane and feels super comfortable. Shoots upwind and absolutely flies off the wind." 

Submitted by Mike Back. Read full review here 

"VERDICT - I'll be up front, I LOVE these boards, they do everything they promise and more - HUGE range, efficiency, comfort, HUGE fun, and plenty fast - within days of getting the 64 I grabbed the 72 as well!"

Submitted by Peter Hands. Read full review here

"Sailing deep downwind through a washing machine is easier and I put it down to the tail. The tail is an energy management system."

Submitted by Ian (Average Joe) Davis. Read full review here

"Today was the maiden voyage – the 64 was certainly a new experience for me – after everything is said and done – the feeling before / during / and after was almost the exact same emotions I recently went through with a new BMW. The detail of finish, the absolute easy to use handling and the frightening realisation when you put the hammer down."

Submitted by Drew Henderson. Read full review here

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