Magic Bullet 95 - Reviews


"With full tail-flex the handling was transformed, the chop felt half as big - the difference was amazing. Could head downwind at full speed in full control and really enjoy the much smoother ride."

Submitted by John Johnson, WA. Read full review here 

"I really like this board - planes easily, rockets upwind and ridiculously comfortable in the chop. There is tons and tons of grip and the rail doesn't bounce in turns. It feels like an old school v bottom single fin blasting around in a straight line, but then turns on a dime like a modern multi fin board."

Submitted by Grumpy Dave, VIC. Read full review here

"First impressions are:

  • Rockets upwind
  • Ridiculously smooth in the chop.
  • You can feel the length of the rail when you carve a jibe.  It is more stable and doesn’t bounce when on rail compared to my old goya.
  • I was playing around pushing with my back foot halfway through jibes. Tons and tons of grip." 

Submitted by DM. Read full review here 

"I have always struggled to extract speed from wave gear, after spending so much time powered up on slalom sails - on the MB 95, suddenly I am amongst it, planing much more easily and flying upwind - and suddenly I am catching lots of waves!!"

Submitted by Peter Hands, VIC. Read full review here

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