Magic Bullet 85 Review

Review by Sboardcrazy (NSW)

I am an average intermediate lightweight (65kgs) sailor. Usually a GPS and slalom board sailor I wanted a B & J board that was more enjoyable, comfortable and forgiving in the chop.

Something for 20-25kts + winds on Lake Macquarie. The places I sail can have some peaky 2-4ft chop, and 3-5ft wind swells so I wanted something that wasn’t going to scare me and could be slowed down if necessary.

I've sailed the 85 Magic Bullet in a range of conditions so far - less wind than it’s designed for through to overpowered 25-30kt conditions.

The board hasn’t given me any scares, is very comfortable and eats chop for breakfast!

I love it so much I’ve decided to get a bigger fin and a more modern 5.7m sail so I can use it in our more common 14 kts - 18kts wind range as well. That sail is probably a bit big for the board but with a larger fin it handles it well.

Once it hits 20kts and I can use a smaller sail and the stock 20cm fin the board goes upwind really well. It feels fast enough for me. I’m only getting 2kts less speed than on my slalom boards and the stoke factor has increased 100 fold!

The board is very user friendly and the adjustable tail really extends the range.
Comparing the WindTech to my slalom boards is like comparing a mountain bike without suspension to one with.

Hell of a lot of fun going off the wind down over the back of the waves.

It's forgiving in the gybes although I need to get used to the narrower feel and probably go in more powered up if I want to try and learn to plane out of the gybe.
I think my upwind performance in lighter conditions will improve as I get used to the raf sails, get the 5.7m Gator to replace the Kult (that doesn’t work) and get a decent larger fin.

I’m used to cammed sails with slalom boards and I’ve been using raf sails with the WindTech. It used to be when the wind got up over 20kts I’d be really hanging on for grim death and on the edge. The boards would get to be a handful. Now the board is no trouble and I’m finding the sails more of an issue. That will improve when I get used to the slightly different sailing style although the board handles my semi slalom stance well.

I’m looking forward to getting used to the setup and getting back into chop hops.

The board is so comfortable my session distances have improved in the chop and now instead of dreading stronger winds I can’t wait for it to blow!

I was a bit worried about my buying the board as it was different to the normal B & J type boards but I’m so glad I did!

I’m still getting used to the adjustable tail but In lighter conditions I leave the tail pretty flat for earlier planning and speed. As the wind and waves increase I give it more flex for a more forgiving ride and to slow it down a bit.

When’s it going to blow again?!!!

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Pic of Magic Bullet 85

sboardcrazy on 85 magic bullet