Magic Bullet 95 Review

Review by DM

B&J in gusty 20 odd knots with a KA 5.3 killer. Could have used a 5.7 but still popped onto the plane easy. 

My set up was a bit too stretched out.  I had back strap in rear holes and mast foot too far forward. Also didn’t have footstraps set right and spacing of holes is a little wider than starboard that I’m used too – so I’ll make a couple of adjustments. I ran with a couple of mm room in the rear trim plate for starters. First impressions are:

  • Rockets upwind
  • Ridiculously smooth in the chop.
  • You can feel the length of the rail when you carve a jibe.  It is more stable and doesn’t bounce when on rail compared to my old goya.
  • I was playing around pushing with my back foot halfway through jibes. Tons and tons of grip.

I’m very  happy with the board.  Cannot wait to get out in some cross off waves to really enjoy the rocker, rails and active trim. 

Cheers DM

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