Magic Bullet 95 Review

Review by Grumpy Dave (VIC)

A snap of my new MagicBullet 95. I really like this board - planes easily, rockets upwind and ridiculously comfortable in the chop. There is tons and tons of grip and the rail doesn't bounce in turns. It feels like an old school V bottom single fin blasting around in a straight line, but then turns on a dime like a modern multi fin board.

I'm the perfect definition of a "joe average" weekend sailor. At 95kgs I wanted one board that I can use from 5.7 down blasting in the bay and then have lots of fun when I can get down the coast for a wave. I've only used it a couple of times and left about 5mm room in the flex plate.

We are so lucky in Aus with clever people who know a thing or two about windsurfing boards, fins and sails. So it was an easy decision to get in touch with Neil who talked me through everything and explained how it works. It is interesting what Neil and Matt have come up, but not confusing in terms of having to fiddle with a multi fin board. Plus it works!

Boxed up and sent across to Melb easily. So two thumbs up from grumpy Dave, and thanks Neil and Matt.

Pic of Grumpy Daves new 95 MB

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