Magic Bullet 95 Review

Review by John Johnson (WA)

I bought the 95L because I watched Matt Holder crank ridiculously tight cutbacks and nail huge stalled forwards on his WindTech last winter at Dutchies and recently at Scarborough.

I was intrigued by the longer length (245cm, 63 wide), the Active Trim Technology tail and blown away by the amazing quality of the construction of the first production boards. 

I'm an older, average ability 80kg wavesailor and thought I'd give Scarborough a go with my new WindTech 95. Scarbs picks up a wave when the rest of Perth is flat, but it can be a pretty intense place to sail.

The extra board length, flat rocker with the tail un-flexed and unique fin setup combines to get planing super-quickly, so getting out against the current and fluky wind in the break was so much easier compared with my old Patrik 94.

The WindTech pops over white water easily and effortlessly glides through lulls.

First session saw 25kts+ out the back - with a 4.5m the board was super-controllable and easy to gybe - even though the sea-state was manic. Also easy to stay upwind - the fin setup (single with bonzer side fins) delivers heaps of lift.

Even in the messy onshore half-mast waves, I felt my bottom turns were more flowing and cutbacks tighter than I'm normally able to achieve - I could feel the tail flexing under back foot pressure increasing the rocker and tightening the turns. Awesome fun.

Second session the wind was even stronger. Borrowed the 85L (58 wide), with a 4.5m - even looser than the 95L (as expected) but still easily controllable and simple to ride. Crazy tight turns are just so easy.

The Magic Bullet - less rocker for early planing, speed, higher jumps and upwind ability, or more rocker for flowing turns - by changing the pressure on the tail plate. Magic. 

I reckon Neil and Matt have nailed it with this design - awesome boards.

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