Magic Bullet 95 Review

Review by Peter Hands (VIC)

OMG!!! SUCH a sweet board for waves and B&J

Have now used it with 4.7 through to today's 6.2 Blade at Gerroa in very gusty, bumpy conditions with 2-3 foot waves - using bonzer fins every time and various centre fins - I am 57yo, 90+kg, an occasional novice wavesailor, took it up at about 44yo so I just want accessible fun, old school flowing rides down the line, and not too many breakages

SPEED - the 95 is very very quick, and more importantly it really accelerates - onto the plane, onto the wave, through turns, out of the danger zone - and it WANTS to launch - no wonder Matt Holder is getting uber jumps and rotations - plus it feels incredibly smooth and comfortable just blasting along, a real joy

TURNS - there is all the power you could ever need, it WANTS to turn, the grip as the long rails engage is superb, and it accelerates ridiculously in the gybes as the rails bite - I had the tailplate locked out for maximum speed as I get to know the board, and it was still plenty loose on the waveface

MOBILITY - this is massive for me, last time out at Gerroa on my Starboard 94 I couldn't get a single wave (great board, just more challenging at my weight and level), so I decided to order the Magic Bullet 95 (having found the Silver Bullets so awesome) - as I had hoped the 95 is another dimension, the balance, extra length/width, and generous volume forward of the mast make it far more manageable off the plane - I can confidently put my front foot up against the front of the mast when flare gybing, or schlogging along, or pushing onto the wave, instead of near-catapulting with every gust or swirling chop - I watch the good wavesailors, they are so FAST around the break - I have always struggled to extract speed from wave gear, after spending so much time powered up on slalom sails - on the MB 95, suddenly I am amongst it, planing much more easily and flying upwind - and suddenly I am catching lots of waves!!

SAIL RANGE - as with the Silver Bullets, massive range - 4.0 would work fine, and it carried the 6.2 even in big gusts with zero complaint - would easily support a 7.0 for B&J sessions, even more for lighter sailors

WHO IS IT FOR?? - at last, a waveboard that flatters the beginner AND encourages hotshots like Matt to go full on - by all accounts, bigger guys no longer bother much with smaller boards because the 95 is so controlled, even in 30+ knots - maybe 75kg riders would do better on the 85, but Neil at that weight still prefers the 95 - talk to the guys, they will be happy to advise

MISCELLANEOUS - the board's perfect balance means you can carry it hanging by the front strap - pads, straps, fins, freight/packaging, quality of board finish all excellent - added bonus of a very competitive price compared to other brands

HUGE shout out to Neil and Matt for all their creations - gotta love a creative mind, and a magnificent obsession! The Magic Bullet 95 offers ballistic performance - guys like me will never go close to its limits, but the better sailors will love pushing it as far as they dare

AFTERTHOUGHTS - a couple more things to spell out - the 95 accommodates front and back foot waveriding styles, but the extra length breeds SO much confidence on the wave to commit weight onto the front foot (getting away from my heavy back foot slalom/defensive habits) - plus I had started the Gerroa day on my big SUPer (8'10", 143 litres) when the wind was still too light and sketchy for me, then was amazed to find how far into light wind territory the MB95 goes, once again the dimensions give it noticeably more float and stability than I am used to with sub 100 litre boards


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