Silver Bullet 57 Review (by Craig Lunn)

Review by Craig Lunn (WA)

At 90kg and sailing thousands of kilometres per year I need to have a fast, strong and comfortable board. 

Neil offered me his Silver Bullet 57 to try which was pretty exciting with that feeling of a new crispy board.

I was quite intrigued with the tail trim adjustment which is almost like having 2 boards in one with its ability to soften the ride.

After making every excuse not give it back I was so impressed with the way the 57 handled in both the chop and flat water that I had to buy it.

In the ocean I love the challenge of going fast over the chop and swell. The 57 excels in this and proves that Neil knew what would work well when designing this board. The length and rocker took all the worry out of burying the nose into the chop as the 57 rides so comfortably above it. With no fear of burying the nose and the ability to adjust the trim in the tail rocker for a softer ride it makes ocean blasting in the rough so much more comfortable and fun.

I often feel a little sympathy for the 57 with how hard I push it in the rough but with its durable construction it doesn’t seem to bother it at all.

If you want the 57 to go fast on flat water it’ll do that with no problems either with the right fin and sail. I’ve pushed the 57 close to 42knots (see GPS results) which is pretty respectable for a 90 litre board.

In flat water I prefer to keep the tail trim adjusted up with approx 1mm of flex, also foot straps and mast track further back works well for me.

Gybing the 57 is also made easy with the rail shape very forgiving in allowing me to lean in pretty hard without losing control.

What took me a few sessions to work out is that the 57 likes you to get back over the fin as soon as you can. So if you’re pumping to get on the plane or smashing out a carve gybe then transitioning this board loves you to get back over the fin as soon as you can so it can get up and fly. Once you get used to this I’m certain you’ll agree that the WindTech Silver Bullet 57 is a sensational board.

Comfortable, Fast, Fun and Strong. All of what you want in a board, that’s why I also bought the 64 Silver Bullet. Thanks Neil I love them!

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