Silver Bullet 64 Review (by Drew Henderson)

Review by Drew Henderson (QLD)

Hi ho Silver- away!

Today was the maiden voyage – the 64 was certainly a new experience for me – after everything is said and done – the feeling before / during / and after was almost the exact same emotions I recently went through with a new BMW. The detail of finish, the absolute easy to use handling and the frightening realisation when you put the hammer down.

OK ,OK I am using poetic licence a bit – here’s the real deal.  The wind was uncooperative, dropping from gusts of 16 knots down to 9. Rigged a 7.0m with a 41 cm fin and after a few adjustments –  footstraps, harness lines, outhaul etc – well it was obvious there are some hidden gems with this beast – discounting my lack of expertise – there was a glimmer of hope that we are going to become a formidable force together!!!!

Thank you so much for a great board.

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