Silver Bullet 72 Review (by Anders Bringdal)

Review by Anders Bringdal (Sweden)

Unreal how the board just plots along over the chop. You can by foot pressure make it lift more or less depending on what you need. It does point good enough and handles the holes very well. Feels fast off the wind.

Jibe is good, board seems to accelerate good out of them as well.

The wind keeps building to what I normally would say is over powered but the board stayed down and was easy to ride.

Now the wind hits the 30 knot range and it was a bit wild.

Compared to my Production board, the board is much faster in the mid range and light conditions. Over powered I think they both go fast but this board is easier to ride so you get less tired.

Choppy and light conditions: This is where I was having the biggest problem with my (other brand ) production boards. When you are on the plane you just keep going.

I was super impressed that it was still going as the range of these things are off the scale.

The fact that you can set the boards to be fast in light wind as well as you can set the same board to go well in High wind is Huge... for sure a game changer.

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