Silver Bullet 72 Review (by FNQBilly)

Review by FNQBilly (QLD)

Alright, my first crack at a review. Please, I'm not a professional and these are just my simple views on why and how I ended up with a WindTech 72 Silver Bullet as well as my thoughts on sailing it.

Firstly to why I purchased one. After having hand me down larger boards over the past 5 years - AHD Diamond GT (circa 2008) & AHD Diamond (Circa 2000) I wanted to support a local Australian Manufacturer, but I didn't want to spend the kind of money I did when I purchased my CASL108. I wanted a well built board that will more than likely see me out to the end of my sailing days, hopefully in 20 yrs time.

Fortunately, Fangman had one of the previous models going back 20 plus years and still going strong and had just taken ownership of a new WindTech 64 Silver Bullet and I was keen as mustard to hear what he had to say and if the build quality was everything it was 20 years ago. So with Ross's comments and a 50th B'day almost around the corner, we stepped up to the plate, dropped the payment into Neil's Bank account and awaited with baited breathe for the new toy to arrive in FNQ.

Great service. Left Perth on Friday and was on my doorstep the following Thursday, in pristine condition. Wrapped and boxed sensationally. A truck could have driven over the box and I don't reckon it would have been damaged. It in fact took me 15 minutes to finally get it out of the packaging and finally get a good look at the decals - very impressive. I like them. And the ATT (Active Trim Technology tab) , just sitting on that HUGE bare back side, just staring at you. The second impression I got from the initial unboxing and with out footsteps at this stage was the initial weight, or lack of it. For a 132lt board, it was surprisingly light weighing in at just over 10kg's - that's on my scales at home, so unless the bride is lying, I'm happy to run with that  (See note below).
I was expecting a pretty reasonable build having come from the Kinetic factory and I wasn't disappointed. From the paint work, recessed feet areas, both front and rear to the thick foot strap pads. The width, 72cm, allows plenty of floaty stuff under your feet and this runs right through from the mast track down the ATT. The only "raised eyebrow" I have and still have to a degree, is the placement of the vortex vent - smack bang behind the mast track - about 10-15mm behind. Right where my toes tend to sit if I'm just dredging along. I've actually had to change my stance to avoid sticking my big fat toes on top off it, just in case I do the vent damage.

A very nice light wind weapon that I was keen to try out at my local - The Mud Pit (Holloways Beach). Open Ocean, very tidal, incredibly rough at times when faced with an easterly breeze on a SE swell. What I very quickly realised that this board could handle its self every bit as well in 12-13 kts as it does in 20-25 kts, but I'm going to leave that for another night to tell that story. I believe the best 2 Sec Peak on a 72 is 35Kts. I've busted 30kts, just, and it was an incredible ride. I can't wait to really press it hard down wind, but that's tomorrow nights adventure.

Enjoy the read, feel free to ask questions - I can only answer with a smile

Note: From WindTech "the weight of a 72 Silver Bullet without straps is actually 8.7kg using calibrated scales"

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