Silver Bullet 72 Review (by Mark Gibbs)

Review by Mark Gibbs (QLD)

Just thought I would up date you on my Windtech experience so far. Have been comparing it with the Fox 120 only because I have one and they both are good at rough conditions. I swapped them back and forth with the same sail in 20-25 knots with a 5.7m sail in knee high bumps. The fox is similar as far a comfort goes, but it hurt me a few times, catching the nose whilst trying to bear away. The 72 just eats the same conditions that had me on edge and crashing. That extra nose is a life saver.

Was out yesterday in 15-20 knots with a Severne Gator 6.5m  Most of the other guys were on race sails all around 7.8m and full on slalom boards.
After coming in they all wanted to check out the board that was matching their speed and angles going upwind with a smaller freeride sail.

The collective opinion was it can't be the sail or the sailor so it must be the board. I had the rear set for max flex due to the water conditions.

I have not yet got the gybing worked out. I think I'm used to the pin tail on the severne and need to adjust my technique a bit.

Overall very happy, and hopefully you get some more Brisbane customers.

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