Silver Bullet 72 - Reviews


"Have been comparing it with the Fox 120 only because I have one and they both are good at rough conditions. I swapped them back and forth with the same sail in 20-25 knots with a 5.7m sail in knee high bumps. The fox is similar as far comfort goes, but it hurt me a few times, catching the nose whilst trying to bear away. The 72 just eats the same conditions that had me on edge and crashing. That extra nose is a life saver!"

Submitted by Mark Gibbs, QLD. Read full review here             Watch video of the Silver Bullet 72 in action.

"Compared to my production board the board is much faster in the mid range and light conditions. Over powered I think they both go fast but this board is easier to ride so you get less tired." 

Submitted by Anders Bringdal, Sweden Read full review here 

"What I very quickly realised was that this board could handle its self every bit as well in 12-13 kts as it does in 20-25 kts, but I'm going to leave that for another night to tell that story. I believe the best 2 Sec Peak on a 72 is 35Kts. I've busted 30kts, just, and it was an incredible ride. I can't wait to really press it hard down wind, but that's tomorrow nights adventure."

Submitted by FNQBilly, QLD. Read full review here

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