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Traditionally boards have been rigid objects. Our technology introduces tunability and "breathability" and creates significant benefits in areas of rider comfort and control. Watch the ATT guide video.

Rocker tuning using the ATT flex plate allows you to customise the board to the conditions on the day. Incoming chop is absorbed while trim is maintained in rough water - think of it as suspension over rough water, allowing you to push harder and go faster.

The ATT consists of a stiff carbon tail plate with an adjuster knob that can be quickly and easily tweaked during a session. The ATT is fitted to all the Silver Bullet and Magic Bullet range of boards. Watch the ATT in action.

Extended Continuous RockerContinuous Rocker

Our boards are a little longer than the norm - this lets us get the correct continuous rocker into its most functional placement. The longer rails deliver increased early planing power and top end control. Nature doesn't embrace flats and neither does WindTech.

Our rocker lines deliver ULTRA low drag and rider comfort. Take one of our boards for a spin and you'll soon realise the difference! The extra achievable speed takes the pressure out of your sail allowing you to sail in a larger range of conditions.