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Cruise Missile (Nine Four) - SOLD OUT


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SOLD OUT as at 23rd December 2021

Length: 287cm (9'4") | Width: 61.5cm | Volume: 129L

If you're one to choose your boards based on limited garage storage space or whether it will fit in the back of your hatchback or sedan, then this probably isn't the board for you. 

On the other hand, if you're someone who wants a board that will leave you feeling absolutely "stoked" every time you ride it, rockets upwind, comfortable, safe, glides over chop and capable of exciting speeds, then this could be the one for you.

This beast has been in the making for quite some time and was on WindTech designer Neil Scheltema's radar well before his nasty encounter with a speedboat in early 2019. Needless to say he's been busy in the meantime and getting this board through the final stages of production. 

Below are some of the benefits this board offers:

  • Extra water length creates earlier planing, stability and comfort. 

  • Allows for gentler rocker that glides over chop very easily.

  • Upwind ability is enhanced with longer rail length.

  • Smaller fins can be used to reach the same windward angles of sailing.

  • Overall rocker is lower and flatter than the Silver Bullet range, making it slightly slower to react and therefore enhancing its comfort and giving a more relaxed ride.

  • Gybing is made more predictable through the lower rocker and extra rail length, allowing the rider to create longer and more controlled arcs.

  • Confidence off the wind is increased due to the extra length creating the ability to go deep and feel safe.

  • The pulled in pin tail and 61.5cm width create a very controlled ride in windy conditions allowing for exciting high speeds.

  • Made with carbon sandwich construction using the highest quality pre-preg carbon and fibreglass material.

  • Features a recessed compartment forward of the mast track for storing refreshments, flares, fins, spare rope, etc.

WindTech footstraps can be purchased separetly (including anti-twist plates & screws).

If a board bag is required, we suggest the 9'6" Long Board cover available from Creatures of Leisure. Alternatively, SurfAids at Byron Bay offer custom made bags to suit any board size at a reasonable price.

See the setup instructions for the Cruise Missile here.

NOTE: Freight cost is approximately $150 - $250 Australia wide. Please contact us directly for international freight enquiries.



Cruise Missile (Nine Four) - SOLD OUT
Cruise Missile (Nine Four) - SOLD OUT
Cruise Missile (Nine Four) - SOLD OUT
Cruise Missile (Nine Four) - SOLD OUT

Cruise Missile

Point Walter, Western Australia