Slalom Fins

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Fin Construction: G10 with integrated Tuttle head (super strong - resistant to cracking/chipping). Available in black (limited quantities) and standard green G10.

Back in the early eighties good fins were hard to come by so Neil (WindTech Designer) started making sheets of fibreglass, cutting the fin shapes out and foiling them by hand. It was a filthy, itchy and time consuming process but it taught him a lot and since then he's tinkered with his own ideas and made custom fins for how he likes to sail.

What he has learned is that there are three main principles to get right. The plan shape, chord ratio and draft position. If you get those right you have a pretty good base fin from which to start.

For high wind sailing you need to have a fin you can rely on when you're on the edge.  The current range started in 2018 as a cut down North Shore course racing fin circa 1994. After many hours of measuring, sanding, filling, cutting and rake angle changes, he came up with the current designs.  Recently, Neil was given a very expensive carbon fin for repair.  Unable to resist, he decided to measure and compare.  They were almost identical in all aspects except flex.
He was told by the owner that the fin was around $500 AUD.  You can grab one of ours for a bargain price of $195.

Please use the following general guidelines when choosing your fin for the Silver Bullet slalom boards. If in doubt or choosing a fin to suit other board makes, please contact us at:

Board  Sail Range Fin Size
Silver Bullet 57 3.7 - 7.8 25 - 34
Silver Bullet 64 5.5 - 8.6 31 - 37
Silver Bullet 72 6.5 - 9.0 34 - 46


Slalom Fins