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WindTech 'SABRE'

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This dedicated weed fin has been very popular and stocks are almost depleted.  

A dedicated weed fin with excellent holding power and upwind ability. Provides a high level of confidence and control allowing rider to push hard without ‘railing’ up. Suitable for flat or heavy chop and ocean conditions where weed is prevalent. Tested and refined in Western Australia on the Swan River and big following ocean swells off Cottesloe and Leighton beach.

 Specifications 28 32 36
 Area  334cm2 384cm2 434cm2
 Length  33.5cm 39cm
 Depth  28cm 32cm 36cm
 Rake Angle  130° 130° 130°
 Chord Ratio  10% 10% 10%
 Price $140 $150 $160

Material: G10 with integrated Tuttle head

    The super strong integrated tuttle head offers added resistance to chipping and cracking and increases fin longevity. 

    Note: Rake is displayed (in degrees) as an average of the leading edge curve.

    WindTech 'SABRE'
    WindTech 'SABRE'
    WindTech 'SABRE'
    WindTech 'SABRE'
    WindTech 'SABRE'
    WindTech 'SABRE'